No More Snow!

"I've been gone for a I'm back with the Jump-Off"-In the words of Lil' Kim!

I pray everyone has been doing well out there. I've been stuck in the house for the past two days due to the blizzard if you haven't noticed, but when I decided to get my mail. My lovely curls nearly froze to death! I almost freaked. I hurried back into my house like a wild horse! lol...So, I'm here to inform the newly naturals! This cold weather loves to break our hair, so we must shield/protect/honor our gorgeous strands the best way we can, in order to keep our length. Breakage is never a good thing. No matter how short. From 2 inches to 28 inches! We need to protect our strands.

Personally, I'm not comfortable wearing twist (protective style) just yet. I want a little more length before I do this style, that's just me, but I will rock a twist-out! In which, I did today, but just know, I do wear a hat in this weather to protect my hair. You should Too!
Weather it's a Barret, a hobo hat, baseball cap, or stocking cap...Whatever! Just wear it for the time that you'll be outside to protect your hair from this harsh weather!
Anything to avoid breakage.