Protective Styling

I received an email from a young lady asking for ways to style her natural hair. She isn't a huge fan of braids, and think twist-outs are too of the norm. She is wondering what she can do that isn't of the two! Below are some styles that will be great if you're in this same boat. Sometimes you just want to do something different, but don't have an idea where to start. It's also great during cold months to tuck those ends away. Simply because the ends are the oldest part of our hair. You're thinking..."Huh Shren, What are you talking about the oldest part!" Well, think of it this way, the ends of your hair use to be the first hair popping out of your scalp. Therefore, the same as we care for the elderly...we must care for the ends of our beautiful Keep your hair moisturized, and tucked away as much as possible! Two strand twists and braids are great if they're not too tight. If you don't like neither of these options, here are a few style ideas.

REMEMBER: ...and I must stress this....when we step out into the presence of the sun...we must must must protect our hair with a great moisturizer. I personally prefer all natural products, but you can use whatever product that works for you. Overall, we must keep our hair moisturized. The same way we protect our skin from the sun we need to do the same for our hair.

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