10 Reasons Black Women should wear their Natural Hair!

Black women typically, chemically alter their hair for a myriad of reasons. Some do it for the look, some do it for social reasons, and others do it for professional reasons. Here are the reasons black women should wear their hair in its natural state. 10 . It grows this way. If your creator meant for you to ha ve straight hair it would be straight. He does not make mistakes ladies. 9. You can do fun and versatile things with your natural black hair. Unlike straight hair, black hair (naturally curly) can stand straight up, can be braided/twisted into complex designs, can be temporarily straightened without chemicals, and worn in its natural state again the next day. Alot of hair styles are copied from our natural state of hair. 8 . It is in style. Natural black hair is becoming more and more acceptable every day. It is just another fashion choice; therefore, there is really no reason to go through great pains to change it. Why? When it is accepted. Take a look around you, o

Speaking Out: The Word Nappy!

There is something about this word that I don't like! When I discuss how much I dislike the word 'Nappy', some people say...Well, that's how we describe our hair texture. That is not true in my eyes. There are so many ways to describe our hair texture. I personally believe the word nappy is mentioned out of hate nowadays. When someone thinks of the word nappy, they think of kinks, a mess, dry, nasty looking hair. That is not our hair! The word Nappy is negative. I don't say it and I don't say the word kinky either. I prefer Curly, because that's what our hair is, it's Curly. Whether the curls are loose or tight. Those of African decent have beautiful curls. Another thing, I no longer call Locs, dread locks anymore. Simply because there is nothing dreadful about them. Locs are a beautiful form of styling your hair, and very unique. I call them locs now! I read a book called "Hair Story" years ago and I remember reading when

10 Reasons Why your Hair IS NOT Growing!

Are you going wrong in your regimen somewhere? Maybe you are doing too much or too little. This list covers both natural and relaxed hair. See the top 10 reasons why those locks just won’t grow! 10 Reasons Why your Hair IS NOT Growing! 1. You are starting with extremely damaged hair (heat or chemical damage). No matter how you look at it, hair has to be healthy in order to grow it long. If your hair is already damaged, you may have to accept that you will be starting from scratch. Happily enough, hair never stops growing so if you make the decision now to stop mistreating your locks, the new hair growing right now will remain as healthy in a few years time as it is now. 2. You are not treating your ends as the most important part of your hair. Remember the flat ironing job you did recently when you went over your ends numerous times because they ‘just never get straight’? Remember the braids you took down recently and how you hacked through those knots with a comb?

Did You Know!

Castor Oil prevents hair loss and regenerates hair.The anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties of Ricinoleic Acid in Castor oil protects the scalp and hair from infections which can cause hair loss. The Omega-9 fatty acids in Castor oil also nourish the hair and prevent the scalp from drying. Rubbing Castor oil on your scalp and the roots of your hair will regenerate new hair growth within months. This will also thicken thinning hair.

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Protective Styling Your Natural Hair

I received an email from a young lady asking for ways to style her natural hair. She isn't a huge fan of braids, and she think twist-outs are too plain. She is wondering what she can do that isn't of the two! Well, to spruce it up a little bit, here are some styles that will be great if you're in this same situation with your hair. Sometimes you just want to do something different, but don't have an idea where to start. It's great during cold months to tuck away your hair, because the ends of your hair is the oldest part of your hair. You're thinking," What are you talking about the oldest part !" Well, think of it this way, the ends of your hair were at one time the first hair growing from your scalp. Therefore, the same as we care for the elderly...we must care for the ends of our beautiful curls. Keeping your hair moisturized will help this matter, and tucking away as much as possible! Two strand twists and braids are great only if they're no

A Hair Story: @CurlyChronicles

Ms. CurlyChronicles i s one of the best Natural Hair Vlogger's I've seen & I am honored to feature her for this week's " A Hair Story ". She was so kind to let me interview her on her lovely Hair Journey. You will be inspired. Please leave a comment and subscribe! If you'll like to ask her a question about her journey, Feel free to reach her through her Youtube Channel, or Twitter. @CurlyChronicles Natural Expression: How long have you been natural? CurlyChronicles: I've been natural since 2003, my 8 year anniversary was in March! Natural Expression: What made you decide to go natural? Why? CurlyChronicles: My hair was thin, and fried, and colored, and broken off. So I decided to try leaving it alone and ditching the heat and the rest is history..perhaps herstory :) Natural Expression: How did you go natural? BC..transition..locs CurlyChronicles: I had thin, dyed hair but it wasn't permed, it just mimicked permed

Young Beautiful Naturals

Always remind your daughters that their hair is beautiful ...or someone will tell them the opposite!

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Quick Blow Dried Bun