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It's Entertainment/News Time!

Okay, So I'm going to update everyone on today's lovely news. As you know I'm a broadcaster at heart so that's what I do. Anyways...  Jeffrey Landrigan  1) Jeffrey Landrigan, a former Oklahoma man convicted of murdering a Phoenix man in a robbery two decades ago, has been executed in Arizona Tuesday night (10/26/2010).  The 50-year-old man was put to death by lethal injection at a state prison in Florence, becoming the first person executed in the state in three years. Just before his execution late Tuesday, he offered a salute to the University of Oklahoma by saying in a strong voice: "Boomer Sooner." He said this for his last words.     - My Opinion : WHY?! You're about to die, who cares about OU. If that was me, I would state the Lord's Prayer or something. I would say forgive me for what I've done, or something! That's Oklahoma for you. Sad! 2) Brandy had a terrific night on Dancing With the Stars this week. She did her thing,

Should I be UPSET!?

I am trying to listen to this song! It's called "Let it go" by Solice an underground artist with enough talent to spread across the universe. For some reason, the song won't UPLOAD. Maybe because I'm trying to listen to it on Myspace! LMBO. I don't know, but it's pissing me off. I needed to hear that song this morning, it enlightens me a little I must say. Everyone who knows me well knows that I am in love with Bobby Valentino, so I substituted one of his songs instead because it gets me going as well. It's called "Our Love", I love all of his songs, but this one does it for me! :-) Another song you should check out is "The Day" by the Roots, if you haven't heard it already, now is the time. I just might post it. Well, I am wondering if I should really be upset, because I won't be able to hear one of my favorite songs today? If I need to ask that question, I shouldn't be! Lol


YAY! I did it! lol

LOL!!! Okay, well I tried to recreate the scarf...(scroll down) I think I did a great job of creating my own little design! I'm serious. I did it on my own...Well, my mom helped on one braid I will admit. Just one. But, anyways, I think I did a good job for my first time! I can only get better...RIGHT! Until then, I'm going to rock this one out! Stay tuned, I got more to come. More colors and all! You'll see! :-)

More about the Video Below!

The video I posted below is of a woman who BC'd (Big Chopped) all of her hair a few years ago, and now her hair is almost past her freaking waist! It is so inspirational to me. I can only pray that my hair is this long years from now. I do not plan on getting another perm! EVER! When I look at this video, I am reminded why I shouldn't, my hair can grow better, more healthy, and longer without chemicals. That's the only way really.

Hair Journey Vid Pt2

If this video doesn't load up correctly, click on this link It's worth it, trust me!

I am going to be Creative :-)

 I love love love this scarf. I think it is very fashionable and creative. Got these pics from a fellow youtuber by the name MissKrisnew. I've decided to put my hands to work today and see what I can come up with, I got some ideas from a few coworkers on how to start it off....Hmm, I am not sure if mines will turn out as nice, lol, but we shall see. I don't give up! :-) I am going to try it out. Maybe with similar colors, or a fading color. Not sure. I wear alot of browns and blacks so I might mix those in...even with a silver chain. Well, I am going straight to Michael's after work...Gotta start on my new thing!

I am new at This! :-(

I know alot about computers. More than most I must say, but for some reason. I am totally new at this whole thing. BLOGGING that is, and my goodness. It's a huge form of expression. Anyone can do it, pretty much. This is going to be something huge, or I want it to be. I feel pretty good about my first post, there are alot of things I want to get out there, being 23, I think I am very informational on many subjects, but here recently. Black/African American hair has been my major interest. MAJOR, so I'll be talking about that alot! Stay around and continue as I talk about that and much more, I will also be discussing my hair progress. Only 3 months natural so far (October 28th 2010 is my 3rd month exact)! I am excited, and can't wait to see how it will be 2 months from now! Stick around :-)