I am new at This! :-(

I know alot about computers. More than most I must say, but for some reason. I am totally new at this whole thing. BLOGGING that is, and my goodness. It's a huge form of expression. Anyone can do it, pretty much. This is going to be something huge, or I want it to be.

I feel pretty good about my first post, there are alot of things I want to get out there, being 23, I think I am very informational on many subjects, but here recently. Black/African American hair has been my major interest. MAJOR, so I'll be talking about that alot! Stay around and continue as I talk about that and much more, I will also be discussing my hair progress. Only 3 months natural so far (October 28th 2010 is my 3rd month exact)! I am excited, and can't wait to see how it will be 2 months from now! Stick around :-)


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