10 Reasons Why your Hair IS NOT Growing!

Are you going wrong in your regimen somewhere? Maybe you are doing too much or too little. This list covers both natural and relaxed hair. See the top 10 reasons why those locks just won’t grow!

10 Reasons Why your Hair IS NOT Growing!

1. You are starting with extremely damaged hair (heat or chemical damage). No matter how you look at it, hair has to be healthy in order to grow it long. If your hair is already damaged, you may have to accept that you will be starting from scratch. Happily enough, hair never stops growing so if you make the decision now to stop mistreating your locks, the new hair growing right now will remain as healthy in a few years time as it is now.

2. You are not treating your ends as the most important part of your hair. Remember the flat ironing job you did recently when you went over your ends numerous times because they ‘just never get straight’? Remember the braids you took down recently and how you hacked through those knots with a comb? Look at the ends of your hair today thinking about how you treat them and ask yourself this, will those ends still be there in 5 years? If you think it’s doubtful then something in your regimen has to change.

3. You are relaxing your hair ‘bone straight’ or over processing. Sure, it means that your hair will have fewer tangles when you are washing it but the length you think you are saving in avoiding knots will be lost due to weaker drier tresses. Remember, the longer the chemical is in your hair, the more bonds are being broken hence the weaker your hair is becoming.

4. You are a natural 4a or 4b lady and you manipulate your hair when it’s dry. It’s better to manipulate natural hair wet as water will increase its elasticity so it’s less likely to break.

5. You are using heated styling tools too much. If you love to straighten, curl or blow-dry your hair daily then I’m afraid long hair is not your destiny. Heated styling tools are ok to use on occasion but always on clean hair which has had a heat protectant applied.

6. You are not aware of the ingredients in your hair products. Mineral oil, sulfates, etc.

7. You are spending way too much time on the hair care forums, buying too many products and hence over manipulating your hair as you try to work your way through the crate loads of products. You know yourselves!

8. You are not moisturizing your hair enough. You either forget to or are too lazy to moisturize your ends every day. A certain recipe for disaster for kinky and curly haired ladies.

9. You follow hair advice blindly without learning what your hair likes or doesn’t like. So what everyone else’s hair gets strong with protein treatments, if it’s making your hair break then stop! Or maybe you have just realised that the conditioner which worked wonders for your hair has silicones so you move to one that is less effective but ‘healthier’. That’s just silly, stick to what you know works for your own hair.

10. You are using hairbrushes too much. Brushing is a double edged sword. Where it can benefit by spreading natural oils in the hair strands, it can take away by breaking our fragile hair. A wide tooth comb is the better choice for very curly haired ladies.

11. I know the article said 10 reasons but hey, there’s always room for 1 more! You are not getting enough protein in your diet. Protein is the ‘body building’ food and if you are not getting enough, your body will prioritize and use the protein allowance it has for more important things like replacing dead cells etc. Your hair and nails, as a result will suffer.


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