2 month difference

Here's a few pics to show you my growth process!

BIG CHOP DATE: July 28th, 2010

First pic Taken in early August
Second pic Taken in September, I was on my way to the Oklahoma State Fair.

August 2010

September 2010

Can you see the difference in growth?!

Not only that, but in the first pic, the front of my hair had to be rolled by rollers because I still had permed ends. I cut them off slowly, but by the time I took the second pic in September, all of the permed ends were cut off! So, no more perm for me!

It is November now, so just imagine my growth now!

I haven't taken any side pics, but I do have a picture from October where I did a two strand twist then took it down and pushed my front back with a headband.

Not my latest update

It's growing Yall!


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