3 months, 3 weeks, 1 day

I've been natural for this amount of time (3 months, 3 weeks, 1 day), and I've seen so much growth. It is amazing. In 9 more days it will be 4 months. I have not used a blow dryer, flat iron, perm, or anything like that on my hair. I haven't even brushed my hair since July 26th, REALLY. This is a blessing from God, to accept myself the way he made me, and not try to change it. Alot of women can not do this! Believe it! I love my hair, my curls, my thick thick hair! I love it! I have not one complaint about natural hair. I've tested out many products, and what works on my hair currently is Curlz Moisturizing Cream, Shea Butter, Natural oils such as Jojoba oil/Almond Oil, I wash it with a Carol's Daughter Shampoo once a week, and I condition it often with natural conditioner with moisturizing ingrediants, because we all know that this is what makes BLACK hair grow! Water/Water/and more WATER! Our hair will not, and can not grow without it.
Heat is an issue
That is why many black women with permed hair does not grow to a certain length. As soon as it hit shoulder length, breakage begins, and then it's cutting time, so it can look good again. So when your hair grow an inch, you cut an inch due to breakage. You'll never see growth! RIGHT?! This happens because women with perms are more than likely afraid to ruin a hair style due to water. They say, "Girl, I am not getting in that water!" lol AND, they go to hair stylists who really do not know how to trim hair properly. There's a difference between trimming and cutting. Another thing, Women with perms do not wash their hair as often (black hair needs moisture, because it's naturally dry), and the chemical (perms/texturizers/dyes/etc) is already a damaging factor, then the heat adds onto all of that. Then, no moisture! Your hair is screaming TIME OUT! This is a disater waiting to happen. We must keep out hair moisturized  some kind of way. Whether it's water, oils, or a simple moisturizer with good ingrediants. (I will put the ingrediants to look for on another blog).

All I am saying is, start caring for your hair, and yourself. Your hair is part of you, and if you want it to grow just as quickly as the next persons'. Start treating it with care. That is the only way. I've noticed that my hair does not need to be bone straight. Me disrespecting my hair (putting perms in it), made my hair break off. My hair has never completely passed my shoulders, and now I know why. My hair always grew Quickly. Even with a perm, but as soon as it got to a certain length. The breakage started, but since I've stopped the non-sense, I'm actually seeing the growth. If I continue, I know my hair will eventually get to the length that I've always desired. Since our hair grows about 1/2 an inch a month, that is 6 inches a year. So next year around this same time, I should have about 7 1/2 inches of hair! We shall see. I am going to continue doing what I'm doing and even better!
Reasons for Black Suffering Hair

I want to add another thing, earlier in this passage I stated that you should care about your hair. That means do things to it, just don't wear it any kind of way. Stop putting all of these harsh chemicals on your hair. Do not trust everyone with your hair, because not everyone has the same hair type as you. Just because the person doing your is black doesn't mean that she has your exact hair type. This is mainly for natural women. Drink water, and take vitamins as well. Use different products but try to reframe from being a product junkie although this is very easy starting out, because  I was one, but no matter what you do! Care for your Natural Hair! Afterall, it's yours, God gave it to you, he doesn't make mistakes, and Curls are beautiful.

Cute hair/Damaged Hair

Make your hair your Hobby!
Love your natural hair 


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