Fake the Natural Look

I hear alot of women say, "I want to go natural, but I'm scared that I might not look good with it." Well, just fake the look. It's so easy now days with all the weaves available. Just remember not to pull your hair too tight like a crazy person, because that will do more damage than good.
Too much pulling on the scalp, such as tight micro braids, kinky twist, sew-ins, glue, etc. Can damage the scalp and hair follicles.

Faking the natural look is one of the best ways to see how you may look with the actual doo!

There is a down-side to every good thing though. For one, you do not know how your natural hair will be, unless you remember before the perming days. If not, that could be a problem. The good thing is that all textures are gorgeous! Every curl can be at its maximum potential if treated properly.
Proper treatments are in posts below.

Believe it! But if you're scared, fake the look until you decided to enjoy a healthy head of gorgeousness! lol

Here are a few looks!


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