Hair Growth

October 2010

August 2010
Hello to everyone that stopped by to read up! Well, last night I decided to deep condition my hair with natural oils, and I added an egg in the mix, put on a shower cap and chilled on the couch for a second. All of a sudden it all started to run down my neck and face. I tried not to lose it. Instead I put a hair-band around my cap to stop the running, but that didn't help. After about two hours I got in the shower and rinsed it all out, and added a conditioner to it. AWESOME. When I got out of the shower I did a length check, and in my amazement it grew about half an inch. My hair is now in the middle of my neck after 3 months of my "BC"! I am excited and ready to see how long it'll be by December. Which is a complete 5 months. Hopefully another inch longer. I have not put any heat on my natural hair, or brushed it since my "BC". The only thing I do is wash it, put natural oils in it and natural moisturizers, I condition it, detangle it when needed, or during conditioning, and I keep a bottle of distilled water in my purse when it's dry, I spray my hair. This is all I do, really, and it seems to be growing. This weather in Oklahoma City is really taking a toll on my natural hair, it makes it more dry than usual, but I try my best to keep it moist. It's not easy though, I must say. Especially when I work most of the day. It can get hard to go spray my hair. I will post pictures.


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