Halloween Weekend

What a great weekend. I didn't do that much, I went out to eat with a friend Friday, chilled wit the ladies Saturday, watched movies, ate, and talked till we fell asleep, and Sunday I went to church brought my sis along with me, went grocery shopping and chilled with her at her house for dinner. When I got home Sunday, I was drained out, but I was unable to take a nap for some odd reason, maybe because I got home later than usual, or maybe because I wanted to read more on this interesting book on natural hair. It's called,
Curly Like Me, I forget the authors name, but it's a cool book. I've read so many like it, to where, I know what is going to be written in the chapters before reading all of it. Crazy huh?! That doesn't stray me away from reading though. I love recieving valuable information. It interest me!

Besides all of this, there were so many parties going on. You can just imagine, but I had a wonderful weekend with my friends!
I love 'em!


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