TWA Business-Look!

Alot of people do not believe that short natural hair also called a TWA can not be worn in a business atmosphere. Well I am here to show and tell you that, that way of thinking is totally incorrect! Here is one picture to show you that natural short hair can be worn and still look very professional. This style is at the point where is becoming that length where it isn't short and it isn't very long yet. This is where I am currently with my own hair, and I work it out! So to all of the women who are at this point in your natural hair process.
1. Do a two strand twist before you rest at night.
2. Use Eco Styler Gel for the twist. (an all natural gel to hold your curl)
3. Wake up the next morning and take it down slightly.
4. Use a Moisturizer or Oil that works on your hair to take twists out.
5. Run it through each strand while taking it down, and you can have this exact look!
Enjoy your hair!


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