Almost 5 Months Natural! YAY!

Well Well, it's coming around 5 months and I am more than excited!
Time is moving pretty fast, and I'm loving my hair more and more everyday.
It's like everyday is filled with learning about my 4A/4B hair!
I thought about flat ironing the back piece!
IT WAS JUST A THOUGHT! lol I did not do it.
I'm going to reframe from putting any type of heat on my hair until next year.
I want to be a year natural before putting heat on my hair.
So, December 28th is my 5 month mark!
Take a look at the growth.
Excuse the pics, I know I do not look that great in them! lol

1 month

4 months 3 wks
In the second pic I have moisturizer in my hair, that's why it is a little white in the back.


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