Black Man & his Baby girl!

I had to add this in my list of blogs. I work at a public area, and it's this man that comes in here almost every other day, and he has his little beautiful baby girl with him, she looks like she could be about 2, and he looks about 27 or so, but he always and I mean always has his baby girl with him. She comes in here so happy and she is very well behaved, her hair and clothes are always kept. She's always smiling and follow right behind her daddy. I commend this black man, I do not know him, but he is doing a great job. Alot of men do not care to be around their children. This guy always have his little one. Just the other day, I heard her say "Daddy, tie my shoe." He got down so fast on the ground to tie her shoe. All I could do was smile. I guess baby girls can bring out the best in a man, but it is just fine! I love men who are true Fathers and take care of their own. Much love to you!


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