Hair + Winter Weather = Uh OH!

As you may all know, one season that is not compatible with hair is the winter season. Hair tends to shed, break, and dry more during this season rather any other season. Unless you stay on a tropical island or something, you have a few things to do to keep your hair just as healthy and gorgeous as any other season. Keep up with your hair! Us Ladies with natural hair must do more twists and protective hair styling to keep our hair moisturized properly. Doing this keeps length and protects our hair strands throughout the week, and low temperatures. So rule No. 1, Do more twists/flat twists/braids during this season, but NOT too tight. It's also fine to leave the twists up for a couple days and take them down for a nice twist out. We must keep up with our regular hair regimen, oil/moisturize our hair often, DO NOT let the weather keep you from doing your washes, and conditions! Laziness causes hair breakage. Keep all of this up, but do more protective styling during this season aswell.

Another thing, be sexy, wear more hats! Wearing hats does not say, "I do not want to show my natural curls!" After all, You're still natural. Wearing hats, Sometime and not everyday, during the winter season says, "I love my hair, and I protect what I Love!" So wear hats when you go out! Hats look great on Natural Hair! Believe it!
And hats protects your hair from these harsh temperatures. You basically get two for one! You'll look good, and when you take that hat off, you're hair will look good!

Rock it the way you want and feel good about it, because I am sure you do! From TWA to BSL! Rock it Out!


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