Mags, Billboards, TV & Natural Hair? What!

It seems like everywhere I look now, I see natural hair! Is it because I'm a recent natural myself, or what. I do not think this is the case though. I've noticed that television commercials use women, children, and men with natural hair more than anything else. Is it that other races appreciate us the way we are more than we appreciate our own natural hair. Hmm...makes you wonder, huh? I believe so. I looked at T.V last night and watched just one channel and I saw more black women and children with their natural gorgeous hair in commercials than any other black hair texture. This is a huge thing, because if advertisement prefer us the way God made us, why don't we! Others realize and know how amazing our natural state of hair is, why don't most of our race realize! Are they scared, just want straight hair, or....? That's a question I believe has many answers, it'll take a whole day to get a great answer. Here are a just few of many many ads that I've found.


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