Mary J. Blige Sends Women to College!

Mary J. Blige made history the first weekend of August, her perfume (under the Carol's Daughter line) was debuted on the Home Shopping Network. During her personal fragrance “My Life” HSN segment, which was a huge hit, she sold over 50,000 bottles, making it the fastest selling and most popular perfume to date.

Not only is her perfume making huge sales, but Mary J Blige empowers women through her music and now also through her new fragrance, "My Life". Mary J Blige's foundation, The Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. recently sent 25 women to college with $60,000 dollars that were raised throughout the course of six hours. That's right, which means for every perfume that was sold, $1 dollar was donated to FFAWN.

"Whether they are young or old, I was one of those women who gave up" Mary said, "I wanted to be one of those women to reach out and show them if I can do it, we all can do it," Mary J. Blige, who got her GED after dropping out of high school, said that "it hurts" to not have an education. Her goal is to send 50 more women to college on full scholarships.

Isn't this such a great thing! Big ups to Mary J. doing big things.


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