#Men with #Locs! ...Loc Talk

Men with Locks!
Is it just me, or is it something about when a man with locs walk past you, You just can't stop looking!
Maybe it's just me! I love them, I love seeing them. It speaks confidence, and style. They look amazing!
Black men with sexy locs, Stand Up! lol

Loc Talk!
Who said locs were not beautiful?
Whoever said that this form of style isn't beautiful, Lied! They explain our culture better than anyone can, and it's one style that is here to stay, forever. Believe It! Locks or Dreds, (whatever you prefer) explain our past struggles, our creativity, and so much more. They are history. I use to call them Dreadlocks, until I did some research of my own, and found out a little about 'em. I'll post this some other time, but just to bring it all together! Locs are beautiful, and can be worn in all ways. We need to embrace them, and know that they are here to stay. I love Natural Hair in all forms!


Keep in mind that
Our Hair / Our Style is 
Imitated the most!
So Love it!


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