My Big Sis did the Big CHOP! Newly Natural (read read read)

Okay, so first off! Let me explain how excited I am about something that is about more than just hair. My sister did the "BC" TODAY!

Why am I excited you ASK?!
First off, Black females where I stay are all about straight permed hair. Healthy hair is the least of their worries. Hair breakage, thin stringy hair, no sides, and hair line that is running to the back of their head is not important. lol I did my research, and I've read many books, blogs, and so on! I educated myself and I made this a hobby, new interest, and soon to be part of a career and I want to turn it into something big. I want to show women that Natural Hair, the hair that GOD has given us is what is best for us. Chemically induced hair is not the way to go. You will never see growth.

Sometimes you have to make wise decisions in your life when it comes down to yourself. Think about yourself and what you really want in the end. Do you want long healthy gorgeous hair that can be done in any kind of way, or do you want permed hair that is subject to all sorts of mishaps, and permanent alopecia. I choose long healthy natural hair, and either transitioning or big chopping your hair is the only way to get this, like myself. my sister chose to cut her hair off. I say big ups to her. Alot of women do this, but not many where I live. I have a really good friend who has never had a perm in her life, and her hair is the longest out of all of my friend's hair.

When folks say that black hair is the most versatile hair in the world! Guess what?! They were not talking about permed black hair. They were talking about black natural hair. In other words, Natural Black Hair, can be put into more hairstyles than permed hair by far. Another thing, black hair is not nappy. Black hair do not always have NAPS! The reason why you see little black kids or even adults with BB's, if that's what they are still called, is because they do not put any moisture in the hair! This can also lead to breakage and dryness. As long as black hair has moisture, (water or a natural moisturizer) curls will be seen!

I am proud of my sister, because it goes deeper than just hair.
It is about her being proud of who she is, and knowing that God gave her something better than what man created to change!

Big ups Anj! :-) LOVE YA


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