Quick & Easy Way to Prevent Hair Breakage!

First of all, Do not be afaid! Many people experience hair breakage! Going natural is a huge way to stop it, but us folks with natural hair breaks as well. During the winter season we must do protective hair styling, and use daily moisturizers to hold on to our lovely curls, but before the damage is done, there are ways to help prevent this issue. Naturally! One way to do this is... Hold up, Here it comes! lol

Hot Oil Treatments!
That's Right! A hot oil treatment is one of the most popular methods used to prevent hair breakage. When performed once or twice weekly. I prefer once a month! This treatment will help keep your hair supplied with enough moisture to protect your hair strand. Especially during the harsh winter weather. Many stores offer pre-packaged hot oil treatments, but you can make your own home remedy using plant-based oils from your kitchen pantry, Natural oils in other words, such as 100% Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, etc. Pure vitamin E is also great. Simply break open a few gel caps, put into a plastic bowl/container, heat it up for a few seconds. Make sure it isn't too hot and then spread the liquid throughout your hair. Let the oil sit in your hair for as long as you'll like to effectively prevent hair breakage. If you do not like stuff running down your face! I know I don't, put on a plastic shower cap and just chill out! When you're done with it, rinse your hair out with a fantastic shampoo!


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