Shaved sides w/ Perm! This look Again

Okay, this look is very unique I do agree, but sometimes I wonder. Do women do this for actual fashion, style, or is it because their hair fell out on that one side, or just broke off? lol  Hey, I'm human, so I do wonder, Okay. I mean, it's like. Hey, My hair fell out on one side, so I'm going to hold on to the rest of my hair, and shave this side off. When it grows back, I'll just cut my hair really short! 

That's my whole idea on this style, but you never know. This may not always be the case,  but I do know that this style took over in 2010.

I wonder what style will be prominent in 2011.
Just know that if you're doing this for fashion and personal style try making it your own, and treat your hair.



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