Stretching Natural Hair W/O Heat!

As us Naturals all know, hair shrinkage is such a pain in the butt. Our hair could be past our earlobes when stretched out, but appears to be above the earlobe when not pulled. Why is this? Well, it's because of our curly/coily hair type. It's the make-up of our beautiful hair. It's curly!!! and curls are like springs. They bounce right back. Some folks choose to permanently get rid of this curl by perming their hair, some keep their hair flat ironed or pressed constantly.

These two actions leads to SERIOUS long term damage to the hair texture, hair strand, and scalp. Too much Heat is never a good idea! So I will never recommend you using heat to see true length. There are other ways of seeing more length without using heat, and I will give you a few ideas. Guess what the first on is?!

How about doing a lovely two-strand twist! That's right, doing two-strand twists shows more length than a wash and go. Wash and gos' tend to make the hair stay in place and hold the curls, this style define curls excellently and is best when you do not feel like styling any other way. Very easy to do, but do not show length always. Unless you use a natural moisturizer/gel and smooth each individual curl. You may see a little length, but not much. Trust me. A two strand twist is when you take a little bit or a chunk of hair and just twist it. The longer you leave the twist in, the more length you may see. Understand that you will not see maximum length, but you will see more length than before.

This method is rather easy and you need to have a little length of hair to do this style of stretching. Unlike the two strand twist, in which you can have about two inches to do that method. The stretch out is when you take a thicker strand of hair and wrap hair bands around, you will need a few bands to do this method. Use a oil or moisturizer while doing it, and leave up for only a few hours.

Everyone knows about this one pretty much. This is very similar to twisting. After any braid has been up for a period of time or even for a couple of hours length is definite, and it give a crinkled/curly look which is so cute on natural hair.

This is very similar to french braiding, but it's a twist. I actually wear my hair like this alot during winter. It's very easy to do, and it's great for the hair. I twist my hair at night with natural hair products, put on my satin bonnet, and take it down in the morning. I see alot of length by doing this, I love this one the most.

All of these styles should be done with a moisturizer, I would also recommend doing it when the hair is damp with water and an oil or moisturizer. I never style my hair dry! Also doing these methods can define curls even more and are great for any weather.


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