YAY, I am 5 months Natural today!!!!
Take a look at my 5 Month Journey through pics Below...

Hair Before (Permed)

1st Month After 'BC'

5th Month Natural

5th Month Natural (Length Check)
 ^Yes, I have clothes on!
I got Hang-Time!!! lol

I absolutely LOVE my hair!

I cut All my hair off, July 28th 2010! I decided to cut all the perm off of my hair that day and start all over, Naturally!
This is one of the Best Decisions I've ever Made!

I'm enjoying my Healthy Hair Journey!


  1. Great blog Miss! Your hair is beautiful, I can't wait to follow your growth!

  2. Thank you SOOOOOO Much Kiianah! I appreciate it! My growth is awesome, and I am going to post every bit of it! I want to let everyone know that natural hair is great hair!


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