What is Trichonodosis?...Hair Knots

First of all, there are two kinds of hair knots, in which dermatologists called these hair knots,Trichonodosis. The kind that I will be discussing are for tightly curled hair which is spiral in shape. If you look at my tabs up above you will see one that says "HAIR TYPE GUIDE", this guide will explain the different types of hair. These knots are especially for hair types 3 & 4. Take a look at that after this read to see exactly what hair type I am talking about, and find out more about your hair and what products to use to grow longer hair. Now moving right along, shall I!

These knots (Trichonodosis) are half-hitch knots like the one pictured above.

 These knots are usually found on the lower part of the hair strand with fractures at the cuticle and exposure of the cortex where these knots form. These knots are weak points on the hair strand since the cuticle layers are now bent into a knot shape, they simply intertwine with itself or other strands of hair, making detangling natural hair even more complicated, they are normally on one strand of hair, or more than one strand all together in one knot. Some people cut/trim the hair above the knot to get rid of it, I do not do this, because I want to show length. This is every naturals nightmare, but chill out! Everything will be okay! lol

The tendency of our curly/spiral hair to tangle may lead to loose knots which are pulled tighter by friction and grooming (Scott, 1988) techniques like combing, and brushing. So the things we do can sometimes make our knots tighter. Also, when our hair sheds daily. The loose hair can tangle with our other hair making a knot aswell. The shedded hair is saying, "I'm not ready to leave yet!" and it has it's way of holding on...lol

Through lots and lots of reasearch I found out that the biggest way to treating trichonodosis includes gentle hair care and a change of grooming practices to reduce your chances of getting complicated knots that can break the hair, or make you want to trim your hair.

Try these things! It may help in the Long Run...

1. Shampoo the scalp not the hair. By shampooing the hair, more tangles are created leading to more knots. So when you wet your hair, part it with you fingers in many sections. Put the shampoo in your hand and rub it into the scalp. Remember: Shampoo your scalp, and Condition your hair!

2. When detangling natural hair, gently start from the ends. Always, Always, Always Comb from ends to roots. I have many blog posts on this! Doing this minimizes knots. Seriously. Also use a wide tooth combs and finger combing together. Finger combing is so much better to me. Wide-tooth combs do not detangle natural hair perfectly. Sometimes you have to put down the comb and use your fingers, water and conditioner to dismantle a knot. The key is to try to attack the half-hitch knot when it’s loose rather than making it tighter with a comb. Got it? Good! 

3. Styling should prevent friction and knot creation. Wearing the hair up means that hair is in a fixed position and is not forming meet and greet knots with all of the other spiral hair strands. This is a hard one because I like wearing my hair out and intend to do so when it gets to my desired length. However, because I know when my hair is out it means that it’s freely moving around tangling with other hair, I should keep it really moisturized so I can finger comb out any loose knots that may form into tighter ones.

4. Wrap up your hair at night with a satin scarf, or satin hair bonnet. Satin slides against the hair, unlike cotten (mainly pillow cases) which grabs the hair, and can break it, or knot it up more. Remember: Hair that's free during the night will be tangled and knotted in the morning. 
5. If none of this works, some will just cut the knots. Pull out the scizzors and cut, but I do not prefer, or refer this matter to you. Do what you can, and care for your hair. I probably have knots right now. We all do right, but if it's one strand and high up the hair strand I do not worry about it at all. The last thing you want to do is lose your gorgeous hair length. I do not straighten my hair, therefore seeing my knots are never. If this is the same as you, Do not worry, but if you straighten your hair regularly (I do not recommend this anyway, but...) you may not want to see a knot. Therefore, you may need to do extra work.


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