10 Reasons to go Natural or stay Natural!

Black women typically chemically alter their hair for many reasons. Some do it for the look, some do it for social reasons, some do it because they're scared to show their natural hair, and others do it for professional reasons. Here are the reasons black women should wear their hair in its natural state…Kinky/Coily/Curly

10.  It grows in that way. If your creator meant for you to have straight hair it would be straight. He does not make mistakes ladies. Remember that. Your hair is beautiful!
9.  You can do fun and versatile things with your natural black hair. Unlike straight hair, black hair (naturally kinky, not permed) can stand straight up, can be braided/twisted into complex designs. Whether flat twist/braids, or individual. Our hair can be temporarily straightened without chemicals, and worn in its natural state again the next day. Alot of hair styles are copied from our natural state of hair. Our hair is copied more than any other texture.

8.  It is in style. Natural black hair is more and more acceptable every day. It is just another fashion choice; therefore, there is really no reason to go through great pains to change it. Why? When it is completely accepted and more healthy and beautiful than anything else. It's like other nationalities appreciate our hair more than our own. Just look on t.v., our natural hair is more advertised than permed hair. Enough said...

7.  Straightening chemicals are dangerous. If not applied correctly, it can cause burns, hair damage, and temporary to permanent hair loss. I'm pretty sure most women who used perms had a scab before.

6.  Hair chemicals are really, dangerous. The food and drug administration says, “Hair relaxers and hair dyes are among its top consumer complaint areas. Complaints range from hair breakage to symptoms warranting an emergency room visit”. Also” In February 1994, FDA and the American Cancer Society released an epidemiological study involving 573,000 women. Researchers found that women who had never used permanent hair dyes showed decreased risk of all fatal cancers combined and of urinary system cancers. I'm sure that number has risen since.

Ex. Watch the movie "Good Hair" by Chris Rock and see what chemicals did to the can of Coke.

5.  You never know when it might go wrong. Just like food, allergies show up over time, so do hair chemical allergies. What worked fine two years ago, might cause a bald spot in two years.

4.  If it went wrong before, it will very likely happen again. If you had a bad reaction to a perm, such as sores, do not do it again. Nine times out of 10, the chemicals are just as much to blame as the stylist.

3.  Pride: Your hair is an identifying symbol of your race. If you are proud of your race, you should also be proud of your hair.

2.  The work place cannot discriminate against your hair. There was a time when wearing an Afro, locks or braids, your job could say you were going against the dress code. This is illegal. DO NOT tolerate  it.

1.  Time savings: Over time, you will learn to shower, wash your hair and get dressed just like people with straight hair. It is just a matter of time until you find a natural style that works well for you. Trust me, washing your hair in the shower is amazing!


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