5 Months 3 Weeks 5 Days Natural (YAY)

I am coming around to my 6th Month of being Completely Natural. I have used nothing but natural hair products, No Heat, and I have seen major growth. I have not done much, just the simple things like washing and Dp Conditioning every week. Keep my hair moisturized, because our hair needs/thrives for moisture, and do simple styling. No pulling. I've seen growth. Like I've said countless times, my hair is Longer now in just 5 months, than it was before I did the BC-Big Chop! No Lie. This is remarkable, and I want to let everyone know, Especially those who do not believe natural hair is the way to go...Here are a few of my pics.
Month 2 - New Growth w/ Permed Ends (Damage)

5 Months Natural

The Beginning of my Journey

5th Month Natural (Curly)


Month 2
Month 5

 I love my Natural Hair!


  1. It's so nice seeing you and others document hair growth. I'm not a blogger, nor do I like taking pics. Just glad so many others are good at sharing their experiences.

    One of my new year's resolutions was to keep up with my newfound natural hair online community. So far it's been very enriching and it makes the journey less lonesome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you So Much Scillamae! I am trying my best to put my full journey out there and other information, because I want everyone to know for a fact that Natural hair grows and is such a beautiful thing. I appreciate you for joining me in something that is so important to me! I want to see your growth too! Never feel lonely in your journey, because there are plenty of us! Much love to you, and your gorgeous curls!


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