A Bad Way to Transition to Natural Hair!

Pic of growing out permed hair
 Transitioning to natural hair in ways, like pressing the natural hair as it grows in underneath the relaxed hair, or pulling and tugging on your natural hair by doing tight braids are going to make your hair prone to breakage and can damage the natural hair you're trying to grow in. 

Products that claim to revert permed hair, and I'm not going to put them out there like that,  will make your permed hair frizzy, and cannot make your permed hair turn natural. Nothing can make your permed hair turn natural, NOTHING at all. No product can do this. Besides, You do not want to put chemicals on top of chemically treated hair. 
You will only end up damaging the hair and get more breakage. Some folks try this method and mess up their whole thoughts and experience of going natural because chemical choices, or being a complete product junkie during their journey.

Use natural hair products, and do your research. Find out your hair type with a little new growth, and work from there. Say NO to chemicals!

While transitioning, try to find a style that will accommodate the new growth, like twists or braids, but make sure that what ever protective style you choose is soft on the scalp. No pulling or tugging on the hair or scalp. Remember, tight braids can damage the new growth before it even grows in, and can damage the scalp as well.

Do twists, comb-twists, crinkle sets, flat twists, straw sets, roller sets, and not too tight braids while transitioning. Not only will your hair look fantastic, and stylish, but it will get you prepared for the natural look! Good luck on your journey!!! :-)

Note: To find out your hair type.
On this blog there is a tab area (above), click on "Hair Type Guide"!

What to Expect When Transitioning to Natural Hair -according to< by treasured locks

People often ask us how they can make their relaxed hair "revert" back to natural hair.  The true answer is you cannot. Nothing will make hair that has been chemically relaxed go back to its natural state.  You have two choices, you can live with the permed hair at the end of the natural hair that is coming in or you can cut the permed hair off. 
Should you decide you just can't let go of that length, be prepared for some breakage.  The place where the natural hair joins the permed hair is a weak point.  Many people experience a lot of breakage when growing out a perm.  By treating the hair gently and minimizing combing during the transitioning stage, you can minimize the breakage.
How much breakage you get is dependent on your hair type and how you treat your hair during the process.  Baka Beautiful's Natural-Laxer MIX (I have not tried this product but read many great reviews -Natural Shren) is excellent for minimizing breakage during this phase.  By gently softening the natural hair and strengthening the entire hair, the Natural-Laxer makes the transition from permed hair to natural hair easier and less traumatic.


  1. i am glad i came across your site. because i am transitioning back to natural hair for the 5th time and i have cut my hair so many times. i recently got a relaxer i hate i did that .but what's done is done. and i am tired of cutting my hair. and so i am now going to let it grow back out while i transition with protective styles. being natural is so much fun.!!! i miss it already. LOL!! if anyone can give me any tips on some hairstyles that would be great i am doing a long transition. so any advice that you have would be really helpful. thanks and GOD BLESS,

  2. Thank you Sooo much Natural Beauty! I want you to know that choosing your natural hair will be one of your best hair decisions, because with proper treatment, you will get the length, and volume you desire most. Something that permed hair cannot give. In all reality! I know this is your 5th time going natural, but stick with this journey. If you need any advise or encouragement. Feel free to email me personally at naturalexpression@yahoo.com

    What ever you do, be beautiful, stay natural!!!
    Thanks Again...-Shren

  3. Anonymous9:37 PM

    So I hadn't had a relaxer in almost a year and a half (while pregnant and after) and got the "I can't take it anymore itch" and relaxed my hair in september 2014. Now,I am preggo again and decided this would be a grand time to try to transition again. So....any tips and encouragement would be GREAT!!!! Where do I even start? I was great at taking care of my relaxed hair but the natural hair journey got the COMPLETE best of me!!!!


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