Deep Conditioning/Shampoo Day!

YAY! lol  I told you all how excited I get when Sunday come around. I get to praise his Holy Name. I get to relax, and (Drum Roll Please)! I wash my hair! So today is the day where I crack open that bottle of Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo and Hair Smoothie Deep Conditioning butter and show my hair some love. You should too! Set a date for your washes. This helps in hair growth, great hair care, and less breakage. Start caring for your hair...I do!

Another thing, Sorry I can not report, but I was unable to add to the list of my attends for the Hair Forum. I was very excited to go, but was unable to make it! I will go for sure next month no matter what, and I will probably bring a video camera next time around to have footage for you all to see. I apologize. I really wanted to have some great news for you all. :-( Next Month!


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