Defining the Huetiful Hair Steamer!

Product Description from site:
Weigh about 8 pounds,
Natural's Hair after the steamer (Very moisturize)
Huetiful brand Hair Steamers are designed specifically for unique wavy, curly, or kinky-curly hair. As a 100% minority owned business based in Atlanta, Georgia, we understand that your hair creates unique hair frustrations that can never seem to disappear. Dry hair, breakage, split ends, dandruff, frizz. A Huetiful brand Hair Steamer can resolve all of these frustrations and allow you to stop buying multiple deep conditioners, serums and hair treatments that never seem to completely restore enough moisture back to your dry hair.

Each order includes the Facial Steamer Attachment ($19.95 value). Give yourself an at-home facial spa treatment. Add lavender essential oil for an aromatherapeutic experience. Typical facial spa treatments start at $40. Best of all, we are so confident in the quality of our brand that we are the only hair steamer brand that offers a No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee for the first 45 days along with a 1-year replacement warranty. NOW AVAILABLE IN CANADA. We now offer $25 shipping to Canada.

We charge less than retail shipping costs because we understand that you'll have to pay postal fees and taxes at your post office to receive the product. You will be responsible for Postal Fee ($5) and GST/PST which can range from 5% (Alberta) to just under 13% in Quebec or Ontario. We will honor our 1-year replacement guarantee as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee of $100. Canadian consumers must pay for the return shipping.

Review Flaws: (Not my own, but from the site)
  • The steam hood is designed slightly inadequately, as the steam does not reach the bottom 1/3 or back of your hair (about 3-4 inches above your nape).
  • The steam session is only estimated to last about 20 minutes, however, my steamer automatically shut off while there was an inch of water left in the basin (yes, I got out my ruler and measured).
  • While not on the top of the list is the fact that the hood is not adjustable, meaning you have to find the perfect table and chair combination to be adequately positioned under the unit.
Reminds me of a Huge Perm Box, but do not worry! It's nothing like that! lol

I've seen many reviews of this product and wanted to gather up some facts about it. For one, it is not a cheap product. On Amazon it runs about $129.00, but it claims to work wonders for natural hair as far as moisture goes. Everyone knows that our hair NEEDS MOISTURE in order to maintain length and promote growth....and I'm down with any product that can help moisturize my hair w/o heat or chemicals.

I've seen more good reviews than bad, I must say. Not many complaints. Awesome! I plan to buy this for myself, and soon post my own reviews. Below are a few facts and reviews of others!

Product Features:
  • Restores moisture to your dry hair 5X better than deep conditioners or hair treatments alone
  • Opens up your hair cuticule to allow your conditioners and hair treatments to work more effectively
  • Bathes your hair follicle with warm, ionized mist to replenish moisture lost from chemical or heat treatments
  • Ideal for Relaxed or Natural Hair, Loc'd or Braided; includes a free Facial Steamer Attachment
  • Huetiful brand Hair Steamers are designed for women with wavy, curly, or kinky-curly hair


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