I'm going to a Natural Hair Forum!

  • Okay, A few months ago (maybe 3, IDK) one of my fellow natural church members told me about a Natural Hair Forum (Originally called 'Let's Talk About Hair') I should attend, where folks with natural hair meet and greet to talk about their hair, their journey, the process of growing natural hair, maintaining it, etc. I've been twice since and I absolutely enjoyed it. I got to meet many naturals in my area that I didn't even know existed. I spoke about my own hair journey, and they all told theirs as we went around the room. Yes, there was men too. It was women in there that wasn't Natural, but wanted more information on the topic. That made me smile a little.
  • Well, they didn't have one in December due to the holidays, but that time has rolled around again. I had almost forgot about it, but they sent me an email. So of course I'm there. I can not miss this, so I will be sure to tell you all about the Natural Hair Forum tomorrow!

Stay Tuned!


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