Imagine if you weren't So Scared!

I had a very good conversation with my sister this afternoon. The subject was life and how much anyone could accomplish if fear wasn't so much greater than the main goal. We as people tend to let so much take ahold of us that we miss our own destiny. I believe that God has greatness for all of us, we all have the destiny to become exactly what we want to become, but we are afraid to take risk. We are afraid to sacrifice. Maybe if we just stop and think, I need to do this, in order to become that! Greatness. We need to get out of our own way, and take risk. What if Donald Trump never bought up those properties and ruin his credit, he would not have became a millionaire. What if Tyra Banks' mom never quit her job, packed up everything and moved over seas, Tyra would not have became one of the world's top models. What if Tyler Perry never wrote that first script. The list goes on and on, so it's time for us to make ultimate decisions in order to have that ultimate outcome. Quit letting fear get the best of you, and just do it!

That's my word to you! Think Positive


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