I've tried a *NEW* Carol's Daughter Product

Khoret Hair Set
I tried the Khoret Shampoo by Carol's Daughter when I was about 2 months natural. Just to try it out. I read mixed reviews and wanted my own opinion of the product. Trust me, I've tried many products, and this one wasn't so bad. I mean, the spray conditioner was not all that, but the shampoo was okay! The shampoo actually lathered up more than I expected it to being that it's natural. That made me second guess it, but not try something different from the hair line. I ran out of the spray conditioner and just refilled the bottle with distilled water. When I ran out of the shampoo, I decided to try another kind from Carol's Daughter. 
Black Vanilla Herbal Set
 The Black Vanilla Herbal Shampoo (12.50) & Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie (16.50) both sold at Sephora and online. I tried these products last week, and I love them. My hair was so soft and my curls were so defined. I had the deep conditioner on my hair for over 5 hours, yeah I pretty much left it on, but it was worth it. I have a feeling this is going to be a product to stay in my hair regimen for a while. I backed it up with some natural oils.


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