Marsha's New Video!

I love Marsha Ambrosius! Her music is so amazing, her voice is remarkable, and I am so happy that she decided to keep showing her blessings through music. I am happy that she did not let the break up of the group Floetry stop her, because her new song "Far Away" is more than just a title. I just saw the actual video, and it's about a friend of hers that committed suicide because of the non-acceptance of his sexuality. I have many gays friends, I have a best friend that passed away Sep. 1st 2009, and this touched home a little. In the beginning of the video her and her best friend are walking through the park and everyone is cool, because they see them together, then there is a little twist. Be sure to watch the video. You can take the song anyway you want. It could be for someone just not being around, or for someone you had to let go, but the song is as lovely as her voice. I am so ready for her album....My goodness!

And her hair and makeup was just gorgeous in the video aswell!

Below is the Link to the Video


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