My Convo with my male friend, On Natural Hair!

Okay, So I had a conversation with a buddy of mine. First we were discussing my blog and my intentions of expanding the greatness of natural hair. We then went on about how he should create a blog. Somehow we reared off onto the topic about natural hair, and what men thought about it. He said that he knows for a fact that men prefer real hair over weave anyday. No matter how real a woman's hair may look, a man would prefer her own hair.

I totally agree with this, because I've heard this all before. I have never heard a man say that he would rather want a girl with her own hair no matter how long it is though. Most men prefer longer hair and that is why women put weave in it, right?! To pursue that long hair dream that men want! It's no longer about what we want. Or most women think this! Not knowing that the only way to pursue this hair dream is to have healthy hair and a healthy scalp. This is the only way to grow those long locks!

I want long hair for me! I do not care what anyone says. I know that I can get this one way and one way only. So lets move on!

I asked him, "What do you think about natural hair, Honestly?" He said and his exact words were, "I honestly think natural hair is lovely on women, it's sexy too. No matter what length. It's gorgeous." I thought to myself, is he just saying this because he sees' that I'm natural, but I had a second thought. No! He is telling the truth, because he knew me before I went natural and even during my weave days, and when he saw that I cut my hair off his first remarks were, "You look fly" and "It fits your face". He did not say, Oh my goodness what were you thinking, or Oh wow, what did you do!

I can say that I've gotten so many compliments since doing the Big Chop, and since July 28th 2010. I have not once thought about going back. I love my curls, and there is no one that can tell me any different.

Unlike when I use to cut my hair before really short, folks would say, "Shren you cut your hair again! WHY? It's cute though." Now they say, "What made you go natural?" I would but..., and then they ask questions about becoming natural.

Now it's all about information. Before, when I cute my hair with a perm it was something everyone was doing. Natural hair is a form of Freedom, and not everyone feels free yet!


  1. He sounds like a wonderful supportive friend. I haven't been so fortunate with guy friends or the men in my family (Puerto Rican) when I chose to go naturally curly. I even had to trim my circle of friends to eliminate those who wouldn't curb their criticism and negativity on my choice to be free.

    I'm happy with my decision. Maybe 2011 will be a good year to make some new friends.

  2. Scillamae, Sometimes we do need to shed friends like some people shed pounds. Some friends are only for a season, and if they can not accept your hair, my goodness, just imagine the many things they will not accept. It's our hair, and you're doing positive things. I'm glad you decided to stay natural, and you'll plenty friends in no time! Trust. Much love to you!


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