My First Hair Puff (NO Blow Out)!

Okay, so as a few of you may already know. I did the 'BC' (Big Chop) on July 28th 2010, so I'm coming around 6 months of being Natural and I'm falling in love with my hair more and more everyday. After my regular hair spoiling day (Sunday). I tried to do something new with my hair. I put some Curls moisturizing natural product on my hair ($10.99 Available at Target) and pulled it up. To my suprise, I had a puff. I did not use a blow dryer or anything. I'm sure if I did, my puff would have been larger, but I let my curls do their thing and my puff was still a nice size! I put on some earrings and wore it in that style for the day. I got some compliments too. Love it!

Front View

Back View of My 1st Puff


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