My Sister's Hair Growth!

As you all know MY SISTER did the "BC" Big Chop last month, and I am more than excited that she chose to go the healthy hair route. Everyone in my family knows that my sister's hair grows pretty well, even with permed hair it did, but it started to break a little due to perm, heat, etc. My sister is not and has never been a weave wearer. NEVER! lol  I've tried to make her put tracks in, but she never liked it. So that was not the case. She recently decided to cut her hair, fully for natural gorgeous hair, and she is sure to get it. I saw a pic today of how her hair has grown in just ONE month, and you're going to be so surprised of her growth already. Hell, I AM! Her hair is going to be my length in no time, (I am 5 months, 2 weeks Natural)!

Take a look at my Sister's Growth in one month!!!
Now this should be encouraging, HUH?!

Big Chop

Month 1

Can you see the difference?!
I CAN...Now that's how Natural HAIR GROWS, you just can't stop it! There's absolutely nothing that stops it.
Keep it up Anj!

CLICK HERE to read more on my sister's story!


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    What was she using

  2. She was / is mainly using natural oils and a few Uncle Funky's Daughter natural hair products! :-)

    Thanks for asking!


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