Natural Comment!

When it comes to the latest trend in hairstyles, many Black women are choosing to return to their natural roots, yep they're deciding not to relax or chemically straighten their hair, and instead growing and maintaining it naturally.

I see more and more women growing their hair out, and soon cutting the permed hair off. It's not just a phase anymore. I think more and more women in the south are realizing that hair grows faster, better, and more healthier when it is not chemically processed/damaged. Something that folks in other areas have known long ago.

You may think your hair is healthy while permed, but honestly it's not! It is being damaged more and more. If you see loose hair in the sink, pick it up. Look at it, if the strand of hair does not have a while bulb-like end, your hair is breaking...Not Shedding! It's a huge difference. When your hair breaks, you'll never see growth. How can you see growth if your hair is always breaking. Not going to happen sweetheart.

Since I've been natural (6 months, 3 days), My hair has not been the same as when I was all permed out. lol I have not had one single dandruff, my scalp has not itched, and I have not had breakage. You do not know how huge this is for me. I use to get dandruff all the time, others would say..."Oh, that's because your hair is growing" but I knew better.

The more women that realize this sooner will have longer hair, and will be glad they've decided to go through the "BC" (Big-Chop), or transitioning. Transitioning is a huge task, and takes alot, but can be done. I think the "Big-Chop" fit me better because I was anxious to see my real hair texture and did not want the permed hair connected to my gorgeous roots any longer, besides permed hair can wrap around your new growth and break it...Not Cool. Transitioning takes alot of work!

I am excited to know that more and more women are deciding to have healthy hair!

  • I have a friend that is so negative about natural hair...I sort of think it's more of jealousy then anything. She is probably afraid of what people may think, and Going Natural takes  a person with strength. She says, "My hair has never been damaged and I've had a perm for a long hair doesn't break!" I went to her house and hair was all around the sink. Hmm, made me wonder. Then she said, "My hair grows long and is very thick with my perm!" But she always have tracks/weave pieces added in for fullness and length. We get into arguments about the difference between natural hair and chemically induced hair. She has no clue, but all I can do is show her that natural hair can grow. She'll see soon!
Shrinkage can fool anyone, right!


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