The Natural Hair Comb!

Are you continuously seeing hair breakage?

Well, one reason could be the comb you're using. In your permed hair days, that comb with the smaller teeth worked just fine...not so much with your natural hair. It can break and pull your hair. It can also make unnecessary scratches on the scalp, which can reduce hair growth.

Why would anyone want that? Well maybe because these types of combs can be found everywhere. No matter where you go, the smaller teeth comb is there. This is because companies are sticking to the straighter hair idea, and want us to adopt to it! I refuse too. What many people may not realize is that the combs found in convenient stores, supermarkets, and ironically, many beauty supply stores, were not designed for coily textured hair

Have you noticed that the wider/bigger the comb the harder to find? I have, but look harder, because you want to keep your hair healthy, manageable and break-free! Literally.

Why use the 'Wide Tooth Comb':
Say NO to this Comb!
Well back in the day, The wide tooth comb was strong and perfectly rounded and spaced so that they would neither snag the Africans tightly coiled hair nor pierce the scalp," as described in The Truth About Black Hairstyles. You can still find the "Right" type of combs at your neighborhood stores, but be careful. Make sure that the teeth of the comb is spaced out well, and the ends aren't too sharp. Round balled ends are recommended. Plasic or wood is fine.

Believe It:
So yes, it's true. The type of comb you're using could be helping your hair breakage. Brush too! Like your comb, the bristles on your brush should be spreaded apart and round balled ends to avoid scalp irritation or scratches in any way.

A much Better Comb!
The Comb Story:
After the move from one country to the other, "Black women, without tools made specifically for grooming their hair, began using combs made for straight hair. This resulted in horror and pain. It would not work," says, Kamu and Janice Kenyatta, authors of The Truth About Black Hairstyles - The Whole Story Revealed.

The Truth: the coil review added thoughts

Today, the combs that are available for purchase are mass produced and are designed for the general public, and it is needless to say that coily and curly hair doesn’t fall under a 'general' category. How sad, huh?! Well, that does not mean that we stop here. Find what works instead. Remember, Never adjust to something, let it adjust to you!


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