A Note to Remember!

Wash your Scalp,

Condition your Hair!

Some are looking at the screen and saying, HUH!?
What in the world are you talking about Ms. Shren! Do What?!

Yeah, I said it! Wash your Scalp and Condition your Hair!

As we all may know, we love putting products on our hair strands to condition it, give it that moisture needed, etc. Sometimes we put so much to where it slides down the hair shaft and sticks to the scalp.

This action can cause product buildup, not only on the hair, but on the scalp. When I say this quote above, I mean pay more attention to each step. When we condition our hair it is becoming clean too, depending on the product you use, in which I prefer all natural hair products.

So listen, if conditioner cleans the hair and condition the hair, why shampoo it too! It's not really needed, and can dry the hair out more. Our scalp needs to be cleaned at least once a week, because it produces sebum. A oil all of it's own, and can also contain product buildup. That's why we shampoo it. The proper way to shampoo the scalp is to part your hair into sections, damp with water, apply a proper shampoo to the palm of your hand, and put onto each parted section of the scalp.

Also deep conditioner your hair once a week to keep from hair breakage!

Remember: Your hair needs moisture in order to maintain and keep length to see actual growth.


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