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Jill Scott's New Look

Jill Scott is rocking a new permed short cropped look! I wish she would go back to her Natural look. She looked so much better. What do you think?!

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais Rocking the Natural Look!

Joy Bryant's Braids

Joy Bryant is currently wearing micro braids. I'm not sure if she's doing it for her show, or reasons for transitioning maybe...hmm, not sure, but she wore them to the Oscars! And by the way, she has been having them in for a little while.
Below is a  picture of her attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted by Graydon Carter at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California last night.

Locks of the Day!

I told you...this week will be dedicated to Locks! One of the original styles of Natural Hair. The most duplicated style by many races, and long lasting. Today's 'Hair of the Day' portion goes to this woman who spoke class through her hair style. Love it!

My Hair Regimen

Okay, Here we go! I'm going to tell you exactly what I've done these past few months. What has worked for me and what has not worked for me. Remember, what works for me may not work the same for you, but if we have the same hair type. We might be in the same pool together. More than other hair textures of course.

My Hair Type: 4A/4B
Products I Currently Use:
Distilled Water, in a spray bottle, used mutiple x's a day.Curls Moisturizer (Target) to moisturize my hair daily.Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence, for Co-Washing.Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie, (Carol's Daughter) for Deep Conditioning weekly on Sundays.Black Vanilla Shampoo ^Same^, used weekly on Sundays.Oils, such as jojoba oil and almond oil, etc. Used directly after every wash.Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner for twist out styles, flat twists, etc.Eco Styler Gel for styling, such as Wash & Gos, etc.I wash my hair weekly and deep condition for about a 2-3 hours weekly with all natural hair products. I spray my…

TODAY: I am 7 Months NATURAL

  Yeah, it's okay to go into the kitchen and grab your favorite glass of drink. Whether it's champagne, cranberry juice, or sprite! It's time to celebrate my 7 Month of Completely Natural Hair. I'm excited, and blessed to have the hair on my head. I can tell you that it is true for someone to be in love with their hair, because I am. I've seen so much growth these months, and it has been an awesome journey.
I must say, like I've said before, my hair is LONGER now, THEN it was before I did the 'BC' seven months ago! I know it sounds remarkable, but it's the truth. My hair is growing. Even my puff is getting bigger. I love it! I wish more people would stop abusing (perming) their hair so they can embrace the most lovely thing God given them, and that's the hair on top of your head.
Take the time to really get to know you! Once again, a big warm HUG goes to all of the Naturals. Whether you're a newly Natural or you've been Natural all of …

My Time to VENT!

I am not the one to all means, but! LOL Yeah, there's a but.

I suppose to have gotten my hair put into kinky twist this past Saturday. The girl that I've asked to do my hair is very untrustworthy. In fact, I've had issues similar before. I've learned my lesson. To make a long story short. She stood me up three times in just two days. Therefore, she will not be doing my hair. She use to be a friend of mine, but that title is too big for her. I'm going to say a prayer for this individual because that's all I can do right now. Anyways, the day I bought the Marley Braiding hair for this young lady to do my hair with, I met another young lady (because I'm very nice to get along with and meet new people no matter where I am) who so happen to do hair. She insisted that if the girl did not do my hair, then she would. Perfect! So I have back up. I'm not mad about the situation, just upset that I let this happen again. I've learned my lesson now.


Creative Naturals & Great Sale

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Now it's off to a wonderful week. I have some great news for the creative Naturals out there. Michaels' Store is having a huge sale. It's similar to Hobby Lobby for those who aren't familiar with it, or do not have one in your area...I'm sorry, but for those who do. They're having a huge sale all week, starting today in the Floral Department. You know what this means right?!
It's time to start making hair flowers/ clips/headbands/accesories for our hair!
So check it out when you can, and be sure to let me see your work.


First of all, let me tell you what Hard Water is...Water hardness is determined by the level of calcium that is in the water. Either found naturally from the ground or put into the water by the treatment plant (helps control chlorine levels). While calcium is the element that determines hardness of water, there are many other elements in the water that effect the texture, volume, shine, control and health of the hair. This goes to anyone, not just African Americans.

Over 85% of the U.S. population (Water Quality Association numbers), are bathing with and drinking hard water. While hard water is fine for drinking, it can cause many problems for your hair, scalp and skin. The water you use to wash your hair, scalp, and skin comes from: Ground Water (Well Water) Surface Water (Treatment Plant) Surface water usually contains less minerals because the water has not filtered down through the mineral layers. However, increasing populations are polluting the water causing additional bacteria gr…

Natural Actress Yvette Nicole Brown

Here's an interview from a couple months ago with the actress also known as Shirley from the NBC comedy "Community", Ms. Yvette Nicole Brown. This is a Curly Nikki interview:

Curly Nikki: Tell us your Hair Story!

Yvette: I've been natural for about 12 years. Before that, I've had every style known to man...relaxers, braids, press & curl, you name it, I had it! I decided to go natural because I realized that my hair had been manipulated or processed in some way from the time I was 6 or 7. Which is true for most of us. Most black women don't know what their natural texture is because most of us have never seen it. Growing up, I always admired the curls of Cree Summer ("A Different World") and Karyn Parsons ("Fresh Prince of Bel Air"). Never knowing that without a relaxer, my hair would curl in exactly the same way. I transitioned before anyone was talking about things like "the big chop". I just let my new-growth continue to come …

Hair of the Day!

This is a very nice way to style your locks. It's very classic, chic, and looks easy to do. If I had locks...this would be a style for me!

Natural Hair Model - Nerissa Irving

Nerissa Irving is a Natural  Hair Supermodel with over 1,000,000 online views, if you have not heard about her, here's a short Bio of a woman who is highlighted as the one to watch and putting the beauty of Natural Hair on the map: Combination’s of exquisiteness, aptitude and business attributes are not unusual when used to describe “Imperial Goddess” Nerissa Irving. This international tropical beauty is a scarcity within the realm of today’s woman. Born camera-ready, Nerissa relocated to the United States from Jamaica at a young age. Trained as a violinist and dubbed as a child prodigy at age 7, she attended her first model search and was highly regarded by some of New York’s top modeling agencies. With her trademark long and silky dreadlocks, which define her mythical and exotic physical features, Nerissa continues to attract auditions for acting roles and inquiries for ad campaigns. While strengthening her brand and image, Nerissa handles the day-to-day operations as Chief Execut…

Loving Locks!

Yeah, I love locks! I'm going to dedicate all next week to LOCKS! So be sure to stop through next week. Have a great Weekend ;-)

Look of the Day!

Fitted Blazers and Dresses takes it for the 'Look of the Day'! This look is great for the Spring time whether you're heading to a dinner, church, or lounge. This look when compared with some great heals, jewelry, hair accessory, or even stockings can say alot about you! Make this look your own.

Hair of the Day! A Cool Natural

OH Yeah! First of all, she's rocking her Natural to the realist. Wouldn't you agree?! ...and I love confidence. Not many would think twice about rocking this hairstyle, that's what make it her own. She takes it for "Hair of the Day!"

Beware of HEAT DAMAGE!

I am not a victim of heat damage, because I have not put any heat on my Natural curls (6 Months/3 Weeks Natural) since I've been Natural. I have not blow dried, straightened, or heavy brushed my hair at all, since my Big Chop. It may be hard to believe for some, but it's the truth. I haven't even thought about straightening my hair, because that's one of the reasons why I decided to go Natural. To see my curls, and to grow my hair the healthy way, and too much heat can do more harm than good. Here's more on this fact.

There are several things that can contribute to hair damage.Such as heat from hot combs, blow dryers, curling irons/flat irons, hair coloring, or even over production of oil from the sebaceous glands, etc....but if you protect and maintain the health of your hair by avoiding it from over exposure to heat and dangerous chemicals. All you'll need is a weekly deep conditioning, a daily No Poo/Co-wash session, and a weekly wash using a good quality sha…

YouTubers: Heat Damage!

Here's one of my other favorite YouTubers. Her screen name is 'NoLyeJustCurls'.

Taraji P. Henson rocking the Natural Look

Taraji P. Henson is spotted rocking a Natural Look, just like alot of celebrities here recently. This photo was taken this week at the SAG’s National Ethnic Employment Opportunities Committee’s ‘The Black Hollywood Experience: Our History/Our Future’ panel in L.A. I think she looks great as always.

YouTubers: 2 year Natural Hair Journey

One of my Favorite YouTuber's by the name BlackOnyx77! Here's her Natural hair Journey.

New Hair Products!

I've ordered two new products and I can't wait to use them. I'm kind of bummed out about it though, because I'm getting kinky twist this weekend. Sooo, I won't be able to use the products right away, but that's fine. At least I'll have them.

I got them both from, because the target in my state do not carry 'em.
One of the companies I'm familiar with, I actually use their all natural moisturizer (Curls), and it is the best moisturizing product ever for my 4A/4B hair, I will forever use it.

Their whole hair line is fantastic as far as ingredients, and nothing but great reviews. I've been looking for a new shampoo besides what I've been using already (Black Vanilla Shampoo by Carol's Daughter). I've come to realize that if I don't rush and put conditioner on my hair after washing it with this shampoo, but hair will be very hard and dry. So I'm leaving this alone.

I'm SO excited that I found Shampoo made my Curls, a…

National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


Hair of the Day!

French Braids...this style will never get old. As long as they're done right. You can do them with weave or your own hair. Make the style your own.

Your Duty for Today!

Good Afternoon Lovely People!
I have something for you to do today, and that is... (Drum Roll Please).
Drink 8 Glasses of Water Today!
Yeah, I said it. Drink 8 glasses of High Quality H20 today. Doing this everyday can promote hair growth and moisture. Try it out. Let this be an everyday duty! You'll thank me later.
I'm trying to do this as well.

OH NO: Beyonce is at the center of controversy!

Some information from

Yeah it's cool that Beyonce is on the March issue of L'Officiel Paris, but it's a controversial photo of the superstar inside the French fashion magazine that's getting the most attention. Her face is painted black...some folks are calling it a 'Black Face Photo' referring to the struggle in our past, and are taking it the wrong way. She's already black, so I really don't think she's trying to say anything, but if she is! She's a little insane.

Hell, maybe it was a bad idea, but then again she probably didn't think anything of it, but who knows. The French probably thought it was art, I don't know. This is just some more drama added to the list that she's already acquired over the years.
What do you think of all of this?!

Not everyone is a fan of the editorial vision and tribute to Kuti; the image simultaneously inspires and provokes. Writes Jezebel's Dodai Stewart: "It's fun to play with fa…

My 6 Mths. Natural Hairstyle


Look of the Day!

Singer Monica mixes patterns with the scarf and shoes, but it's all good. When the same color is coordinated in both, I think it's alright to do. Now, if the scarf was a Hot Pink Hounds Tooth Pattern, there will be a problem, but she takes the title this time, and I am in love with the Christian Louboutin Round Toe Pumps a.k.a Red Bottoms.

I'm Getting Kinky Twist!

As you may already know, this coming up Monday (Feb. 28th) will be my 7th Month Natural...YAY! Isn't it great. I'm so excited. Some folks can't go 7 weeks w/o chemicals. I've grown to seriously love and respect my Natural Hair these several months. I'm all about my Natural now. It's seriously growing and it's looking great. I have not straighted it, blow dried it at all.
One thing that's going on and upsetting me is this weather. My hair needs to be protected for a few months. I'm going to leave my hair alone for a second. So, yeah, I decided to get Kinky Twist with weave this Saturday. It'll actually be my first time putting weave in my head since being Natural. 

I will post pictures after getting them so you can see. Pray for me y'all! lol

Hair of the Day!

The Chunky Twist-Out, you gotta love this hairstyle. Great on longer or shorter natural hair, and the look can last for a while when properly maintained. Love it!

Venus Williams' Natural-Doo

Venus Williams presented Mr. Kobe Bryant with the 'King of the Court' Award yesterday at the Hall of Game Awards in L.A. She looked great on stage rocking a Natural Inspired Doo! What do you think?

Ms. Williams Rocking Her Natural!

Yesterday, Vanessa Williams was spotted at the 1st Annual Cartoon Network’s ‘Hall Of Game’ Awards in Santa Monica, California with her boys. Rocking the Natural.

Not Just A Phase!

One of my church buddies come to my job often to do some work on our public computers. He came to me yesterday at work and we started to talk about church and what not. Then I asked him, "Have you noticed all of the Naturals at church, isn't it amazing?" This dude said, "It's just a Phase. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful thing, but it won't be for long." I looked at him like what are you talking about?! I knew what he was saying and maybe it is just a phase for some of them, but I'm like WHATEVER, my Natural hair will NOT be damaged again. The abuse is over! He then said, "Next thing you know, all of you will be putting perms on your hair." So then, I nearly went psycho. I told him exactly what I was thinking. My curls will not be straightened by a perm, or any type of chemical for that matter. He knew I was serious, but he said that he isn't so sure about everyone else. Which is cool, but he better recognize! I'm sure s…

EVA PIGFORD is Platinum Blonde now!

Eva Pigford attends the IMP Entertainment and Steve Marlton Worldwide All-Star event at Siren Studios on February 19, 2011 in Hollywood, California.
What do you think?! 

Picture of the Week!

I could not have found a better picture than this! The picture of the week states "All Shades of Beauty"!

Janelle Monae w/o the Bump!

Not many folks have seen vocalist Janelle Monae without the Bump-like hair style. Well, you no longer have to wait, here you are! She's just as beautiful. I really like her hair this way.

The Outcome: Dad & My Natural

Well, I told you yesterday that my Dad was going to see my natural hair for the first time since I was like ten years old. My Dad stays on the eastcoast, I stay in the south. For more on all of this feel free to read my post from yesterday. So...on to the main point. He finally saw it yesterday evening. When he first saw me, he didn't even say anything. Just hugged me, and talked crap like always.

Then I looked at him and said with a smile, "Soooo, what do you think of my Natural?" He said, I got to get use to it. lol I was thinking WTH are you talking about. I guess from all of those years of having straight hair he didn't know what to think. Which is just fine, because this hair isn't going anywhere. Eventually he said it's look fine. He did make fun a little though. lol My Dad is a piece of work too.

Jill Scott Rocking it Natural!

Oh yes, Please Believe It Boo! lol Jill Scott went back to her 'Roots' literally. Ms. Scott was caught rocking the Natural Look this week. I'm loving the look. Whether it was just for the day, or how she felt for the moment at least she doesn't mind putting it back on the map right.
Go Jill you look Fanstastic lady!

Look of the Day! My girl C.B.R

Yep, My girl gets it again today! I love how she put on a thin silk dress and a nice not-so-fitted blazer. She always dress nice, and her hair looks great!  This picture was taken at the ELLE Style Awards 2011 held at The Grand Connaught Rooms on Valentine's Day in London, England.

My Favorite Natural: Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae attended The Brit Awards 2011 held at The O2 Arena on February 15, 2011 in London, England. She looked amazing I must add! I just love this woman, and I'm so ready for my hair to get to this length.

Hey YAYA Dacosta!

Yaya Dacosta, one of our Favorite Famous Naturals, posed backstage at the Christian Cota Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Studio at Lincoln Center on February 16, 2011 in NYC. She looks so gorgeous with her lovely Natural Hair!

Erykah Badu rocking it Natural!

Erykah Badu was spotted yesterday at Ivy Pool in Sydney, Australia rocking out a Natural Hairstyle! Check her out.

Is Ciara Losing Weight!

I've noticed here recently that singer Ciara is looking a little slim these days. What's up with that?! She's already skinny. Man, I don't know, but the Entertainment Industry does have a way of affecting people.

Look of the Day!

I am not too fond about the colors, too dark, and she wore this outfit this week, but the outfit is a great idea for the Spring. I might wear shorts soon. I don't wear shorts at all really, but I do love this look though.

'Motown Sound' PBS Special @ The White House

EXCITING NEWS: Can you Believe this, In honor of Black History Month and Motown's amazing history and influence on Black culture, the White House is throwing a party! Yeah you've read me right "The Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House," hosted by the First Couple and Jamie Foxx. This is set to air Tuesday, March 1st. Isn't this some good news. Go Jamie Foxx...and you all be sure to watch. I'll find out the network soon.

Hair of the Day!

Coils are the Hairstyle of the day! This style is perfect for someone who chose the transitioning route to Natural hair. This is easily done by using rods. After washing the hair and blow drying it out using cool air. Wrap a few strands of hair around large or small rods while moisturized, depending on the length of your hair. Better done at night, you'll get better results. In the morning take them out and style your lovely hair.

My Dad will finally see my Natural Hair!


Okay, So as you know. I've been natural for 6 Months now. I stay in the South. My dad stay in New Jersey. I'm originally from New Jersey, but moved due to family reasons. I talk to my Dad often, I love my Dad! The last time I saw my Dad was May 2010 for my college graduation. Before that was maybe 2009, I went to Jersey to visit. My sister talked to my Dad a couple months ago and told him that we both went natural. We both did the Big Chop. She told him around the time she did it, I was already about 4 months natural then. He couldn't believe it, she said he was like, "Shren is always doing something with her hair." Which was true, Only if he knew that this time it's not going to change. I'm going to stay Natural! He is use to the look coming from the East Coast, so he knows the meaning of going Natural better than most in the South. It's not about being Pro Black, It's more like being Hair Care Aware, and wanting the beautiful hair God gave m…

Chrisette Michelle Stays Blonde!

As we all know R&B singer Ms. Chrisette Michelle went natural about a year or so ago. I say Big Ups to her for doing the Big Chop especially in the world of music. There aren't many Naturals. I love it. I'm just wondering if she is trying to make a statement with the blonde hair?! I'm not sure...but it looks like she is loving it and the TWA. Here's a more recent pic of her, Tell me what you think of this look!