4C Hair Textures...Have Faith!


As us Naturals may know, 4C hair texture is the last texture on the hair guide, but is not exempt from growth. Your hair is just as beautiful as 1A (straight hair). Know this! Your hair is more tightly curled then the rest, but it is more unique then the rest. I've had someone ask/tell me. "Your hair isn't like others I've seen, I've seen some really really knotty hair, your hair is more tight but looser curls than others I've seen." "Why are some black people's hair more thicker?" It's because it's a different texture, Simple as that. We are all African American, but not every one's hair is the same texture, that's the beauty of our hair. Too bad everyone is afraid to show it huh!

4C hair can grow long and beautiful! 4C hair needs more moisture and careful treatment just like every one's hair. It needs more moisture, because it prone to breakage (just like all black hair). Please know that length is possible with 4C Hair. Keep a little spray bottle filled with distilled water and your favorite oils around. Keep it in your work desk, purse, office, or wherever! 

Black hair grows when it's being taken care of! For instance, have you seen Black Men or Black Women with really long locks? Well, that's not weave is it!? It's their hair!!! This is evidence that BLACK hair can and will grow. Even past your waistline. When black hair is left alone, meaning not tightly pulled or chemically altered, it grows! Keep in mind that when you wear your hair out, and the ends are loose, you must keep moisture on those ends. All black hair needs moisture!!! No one is exempt from this fact.
But my 4C sisters & brothers, do not be discouraged, your hair CAN and will GROW!

If you need any advice, please email naturalexpression@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I am a 4c girlie and it's a lot of work to maintain. twist outs and braid outs at the end of the day just look like cotton balls on my head. I honestly hate wetting my hair b/c the ends just knot up. :(

    1. Mine does the same so I know how you feel but i rock my fro and dress it up with flowers and hair clips and always get compliments!!!!

  2. Smile! I totally understand lady, but moisture is your friend. Always remember that, and 4C hair is beautiful hair. It's needs just as much care as the rest, but it's just as beautiful. I wish you luck and growth! What ever you do...stay on your healthy journey! God Bless :)

  3. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Hi(: I'm a highschooler who's thinking of going natural. I have 4C hair as well, but whenever I look up pictures of women with natural hair I only see the looser, more curly type of hair. It's actually really discouraging. I was hoping you might have any advice or something to share with me? I'd love to hear from you. My email is: violistical@yahoo.com

    1. Hi I feel you 100%, I'm a 4b/c myself. Mostly 4c but maybe you can check out my blog to see if you can find anything helpful or you can just ask me on there.
      It's: sonappynkinky @curlyblogs
      Or http://sonappyandkinky.blogspot.com/

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