6 Months 2 Wks Natural

Yeah, I am coming around that seventh month mark and I am seeing much growth. I took these pics yesterday. I love wash and go hairstyles. I have a lot of shrinkage but it's all good.

Okay friends, so I am thinking about getting a blowout this week for the first time, just to see growth. What for you all think?!

I am just a little iffy about blow drying my hair. Some naturals know what I mean.  Right?!

Well...Anyways, I am loving my hair more and more everyday. I am constantly thinking of ways to protect it. You protect what you love, Right?! Okay then...LOL.

So another thing I was thinking about was getting kinky twist aswell. Just to leave my hair alone for a while and protect it. What do you think? If I find that right person first. It took too long to grow these sides back...I want to keep 'em.

Looks like I got some thinking to do. Well, that's my morning talk. Be back in a minute!

Love ya! :-)


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