Chrisette Michelle Stays Blonde!

As we all know R&B singer Ms. Chrisette Michelle went natural about a year or so ago. I say Big Ups to her for doing the Big Chop especially in the world of music. There aren't many Naturals. I love it. I'm just wondering if she is trying to make a statement with the blonde hair?! I'm not sure...but it looks like she is loving it and the TWA. Here's a more recent pic of her, Tell me what you think of this look!


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    She's had that blonde look way back in her earlier days right before she got signed to Def Jam. She looks great. I'ma have to ask her if she has any other colors she's thinking about dying it.

  2. Yeah, I do remember that. With the straight hair. She looked great then. I do wonder if she's thinking about another color. I think maybe a lighter brown!

    Thanks for the Comment.


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