Fashion at the Grammy's- My Opinion

Natural Hair Inspired
Well, I watched a little of the Grammy's yesterday and I must say that Fashion seemed like it wasn't a big deal. No one was truly outstanding, drop dead gorgeous. It was a bunch of Okays in the building. No...I'm not a hater, I just speak truth. Back in the day, there were Wows, yesterday there were just Oh Okays! lol Take a look at a few styles worn/expressed fashions down below. Nothing unbelievable.

Here's My Opinion: 
Natural Hair Inspired
Monica looked great, Whitney Houston and Bobby Christina looked nice, Rihanna looked like a fool, Beyonce looked like she need her teeth whitened a little, Jamie Foxx and Usher can get it, Esperanza Spalding did an amazing job, and looked fantastic, P-Diddy looked lost the whole time, Jay-Z is looking so old in the face, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian were themselves, and so on.



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