Hair of the Day!

This picture screams confidence and Natural beauty!
I love her hair. There's no telling how long she's been natural.
Everyones hair grow at a different rate.
This looks like a couple days into a twist-out! Love it.


  1. Love the beautiful flowers and colors of this layout :)

    This is about how I wear my hair since I stopped cutting it (Nov 10). Just oodles of curls. I still have yet to try this length of hair with the lovely barrettes I've bought over the past 8 months.

  2. Thanks Scillamae! Wow! You're rocking a beautiful hairstyle lady. You should go ahead and rock the accessories in your hair. That will only better your hairstyle.

  3. Feeling inspired...just might do that beginning this wk :)

  4. You should, why not! Spice up your doo. That's the thing, hair accessories only make our hair look better! I love hair clips and pins. Headbands are my favorite! :-)


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