First of all, let me tell you what Hard Water is...Water hardness is determined by the level of calcium that is in the water. Either found naturally from the ground or put into the water by the treatment plant (helps control chlorine levels). While calcium is the element that determines hardness of water, there are many other elements in the water that effect the texture, volume, shine, control and health of the hair. This goes to anyone, not just African Americans.

Over 85% of the U.S. population (Water Quality Association numbers), are bathing with and drinking hard water. While hard water is fine for drinking, it can cause many problems for your hair, scalp and skin. The water you use to wash your hair, scalp, and skin comes from:
  1. Ground Water (Well Water)
  2. Surface Water (Treatment Plant) Surface water usually contains less minerals because the water has not filtered down through the mineral layers. However, increasing populations are polluting the water causing additional bacteria growth.
  3. Blended Water (Blended Dystem) You have the the best and the worst of both the Ground Water (Well Water) and the Surface Water.
Solution Choices: What to do about hard water?
  • Treat ALL the water (water softener) or
  • Treat your hair and  the water that's goes on you hair.
What are the minerals that effect hair?
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Silica
  • Lead
In other words, these minerals lock onto the hair. Drying it out, robbing your hair of shine and flexibility, and soon breaking it off. For more information on this topic. Please Google hard water damage on natural hair.


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