Jill Scott's New Look

Jill Scott is rocking a new permed short cropped look! I wish she would go back to her Natural look. She looked so much better. What do you think?!


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    meh... I don't like it. I guess since she lost some weight, she felt she "needed" to perm her hair to go with the new look. She could rock a short angled natural and achieve the same fresh look. Oh well, she didn't ask me...

    Still love her music. Jilly from Philly!

  2. I agree. The industry she's in forces certain things, but she had a choice and she went with the permed hair. I personally like her look more when she was natural. She looked more unique, but if you've seen her recently. She's been rocking the natural look. (With weave)


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