My Dad will finally see my Natural Hair!

My Dad and I in Vegas

Okay, So as you know. I've been natural for 6 Months now. I stay in the South. My dad stay in New Jersey. I'm originally from New Jersey, but moved due to family reasons. I talk to my Dad often, I love my Dad! The last time I saw my Dad was May 2010 for my college graduation. Before that was maybe 2009, I went to Jersey to visit. My sister talked to my Dad a couple months ago and told him that we both went natural. We both did the Big Chop. She told him around the time she did it, I was already about 4 months natural then. He couldn't believe it, she said he was like, "Shren is always doing something with her hair." Which was true, Only if he knew that this time it's not going to change. I'm going to stay Natural! He is use to the look coming from the East Coast, so he knows the meaning of going Natural better than most in the South. It's not about being Pro Black, It's more like being Hair Care Aware, and wanting the beautiful hair God gave me to show! 

Well, My Dad just landed in my hometown about 4 hours ago, and he will see me for the first time since I've been Natural. The last time my Dad saw me, my hair was weaved up with a perm! lol He hasn't seen my Natural since I was about ten or maybe even younger then that! This will be interesting! lol

I'll be sure to tell you all his reaction!


  1. awww im born and raised and still in NC. I love the south. I agree with your stance on going natural too. I never realized that we as black men have always for the most part been natural...well most of us...i know some of us like to get texturizers and relaxers. I do not however. I am going to go read your outcome post now! AHHH I LOVE THIS BLOG! :) U SIMPLY MUST STOP BY MINE! I DONT THINK YOUVE EVER BEEN BY MINE. ITS IN MY BLOGGER PROFILE.


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