My Hair Regimen

Okay, Here we go! I'm going to tell you exactly what I've done these past few months. What has worked for me and what has not worked for me. Remember, what works for me may not work the same for you, but if we have the same hair type. We might be in the same pool together. More than other hair textures of course.

My Hair Type: 4A/4B
Products I Currently Use:
  • Distilled Water, in a spray bottle, used mutiple x's a day.
  • Curls Moisturizer (Target) to moisturize my hair daily.
  • Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence, for Co-Washing.
  • Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie, (Carol's Daughter) for Deep Conditioning weekly on Sundays.
  • Black Vanilla Shampoo ^Same^, used weekly on Sundays.
  • Oils, such as jojoba oil and almond oil, etc. Used directly after every wash.
  • Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner for twist out styles, flat twists, etc.
  • Eco Styler Gel for styling, such as Wash & Gos, etc.
I wash my hair weekly and deep condition for about a 2-3 hours weekly with all natural hair products. I spray my hair with water when it feels dry. I try to keep my hair as moisturized as I can. I co-wash every 2-3 days and detangle it at the same time. When I style it, I use the products listed above.

I'm going to retire the whole Carol's Daughter line for now, and replace it with a few products from Shea Moisture. I'm not dissatisfied with their products, I love the Deep Conditioning, but the shampoo is not working on my hair anymore. It's drying it out for some reason. It may be due to the whether, I'm not sure, but it's making my hair cruchy right before I 'DC' it and I don't think this suppose to happen. So, I will be using Shea Moisture real soon.


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