My Time to VENT!

I am not the one to all means, but! LOL Yeah, there's a but.

I suppose to have gotten my hair put into kinky twist this past Saturday. The girl that I've asked to do my hair is very untrustworthy. In fact, I've had issues similar before. I've learned my lesson. To make a long story short. She stood me up three times in just two days. Therefore, she will not be doing my hair. She use to be a friend of mine, but that title is too big for her. I'm going to say a prayer for this individual because that's all I can do right now. Anyways, the day I bought the Marley Braiding hair for this young lady to do my hair with, I met another young lady (because I'm very nice to get along with and meet new people no matter where I am) who so happen to do hair. She insisted that if the girl did not do my hair, then she would. Perfect! So I have back up. I'm not mad about the situation, just upset that I let this happen again. I've learned my lesson now.

Well, my hair is not in kinky twist, and I'm second guessing about getting them right now. I might wait until next weekend, because I'm getting my order of Shea Moisture and Curls Products between tomorrow and Wednesday. So we'll see, but if I do! You'll be the first to know! :-)


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